Influenced by the vibrant garden setting of her rural Cambridgeshire
studio, Anthea Davidsonís paintings are usually large-scale and
characterised by strong shapes and bold use of colour.

Enormous skies and sculpted landscapes are recurring themes
throughout her work. Working predominantly in acrylics and using a
little artistic license to exaggerate contour and colour, she interprets
what she sees to reflect the strength, energy and rich pattern and
colour of the natural world.

Anthea believes personality is more important in a painting than an
accurate representation and that the viewer should feel the joy and
enthusiasm that has gone into creating a work of art. Bold form,
confident brushstrokes and luminous streaks of colour sum up her
attitude to painting and also to life.

In recent years Anthea has collaborated with a number of artists to
showcase their work including the Take 2 Exhibition and more recently,
she exhibited at a series of private views in Cambridgeshire and

If you would like further information about Anthea and her work, please
do get in touch.



Anthea works as a PR consultant for both Anthea Davidson Publicity, and Idea Business Solutions Ltd.